Volunteer Options

Other Ways to Volunteer

Glove to Glove wants alumni and community members to help us in ways that are both productive for students and convenient for themselves. Maybe you don’t want to be a Career Coach or a Career Chronicle, or maybe you already registered for one of these roles and want to help out even more. Either way, here are some additional ways to help.


Intern, Volunteer, Job Shadow

Alumni and community members can offer GHS students internships or volunteer opportunities that will a.) help them build career skills and b.) figure out if a certain career is right for them. You may make an application for students to fill out in order to ensure that the student is credentialed, motivated, and serious. You can allow a GHS student to job shadow you for a day or two.


Speak to Students

Alumni and community members can come into GHS and speak to a class or other group of interested students about their career in order to illustrate practical applications for classroom material, motivate them, or introduce them to a career they may not know much about. Even if you do not live in or near Gloversville, the district’s technology will allow you to speak to them via web camera.


Give a Tour of Your Workplace

Do you work at a place that you believe would interest GHS students? You could give an in-person tour to a group of students after school or a virtual tour via web cam.


Submit Career Advice

You can also help GHS students simply by submitting some words of wisdom you have received in your life or a tidbit of professional advice. You may also answer one or more of the following questions

  • How did GHS prepare you for you career?
  • If there is one thing you know now that you wish you knew in high school about education, what would it be?
  • What challenges did you overcome to get an education or obtain your career?
  • If you have something else to share that you think would be beneficial for students to hear, please feel free to share it.


Have Any Other Ideas?

If you have another idea in mind on how you can be of assistance to a GHS student, feel free to share it with us.


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If you want to help GHS students in any of these or other ways, click here to fill out this universal form.