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Want to help GHS students by giving them opportunities to work for or visit your business/organization? Are you willing to come speak to a class at GHS?  Do you have a cool idea for how to help GHS students with career exploration, preparation, or planning that hasn’t been listed on our site? Tell us with the form below.

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Some examples:

●Allow a student to intern, job shadow, or volunteer at your business/organization (with this, please provide the location of your workplace) ●Come to the school to speak to students (if you do not live in the area, this can be done virtually with a web cam) ●Give students a virtual tour of your workplace ●Write career advice/tips or share how GHS helped prepare you for your career in the box below

If you have any other ideas of how you can help, please feel free to write them.

Please provide at least one of the methods of contact below.