Role of College Students

The College Coach


Each College Coach mentor will be matched with a GHS student who is interested in pursuing your major/minor or applying to/attending their college. Each student will request a mentor for a different reason, so the purpose of each mentor relationship is different. Ultimately the goal is tri-fold:

1.) To help GHS students make more informed decisions about what majors/minors they should consider and what colleges they should apply to/attend

2.) To make GHS students prepared for college success, and prepare them for this new transition

3.) To encourage students who aren’t sure if college is right for them to go to college

Time Commitment

College Coaches can invest as much or as little time into their mentor relationship as they would like. At minimum, they are required to send a few e-mails or messages back and forth with their mentee, call their mentee a time or two, or meet them for dinner to talk. They are, however, encouraged to talk with their mentee frequently and build a strong relationship with them him/her (if this is what he/she wants).


The responsibilities of College Coaches vary depending on the reasons students ask for a mentor. Here are some of the potential opportunities College Coaches will have to help students:

a.) Inspire students to attend college/technical school program by showing them the benefits

b.) Assist students in figuring out what they need to do in high school to get into the college of their dreams

c.) Give students insight into their college, major/minor, and/or the enjoyable academic and social experiences of college/technical school

d.) Assist students in navigating the transition between the end of their GHS career and college (for seniors)

e.) Help students analyze their current interests and help them translate these interests to a college, major, program, etc.

f.) Tell students your story–all of the challenges you faced at GHS and how you overcame them to get into college/technical school

g.) Provide students with a tour of your campus/school

h.) Help students fill out an application to their college

* This is not a complete list of all of the services that a college/technical school students could offer to a GHS student. Glove to Glove seeks to give alumni and GHS students the freedom to individualize their mentoring experiences.

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