Request a College Mentor

Request a College Mentor


By completing this form, you are requesting to receive a college mentor from Glove to Glove. Please give us 1 week to process your request and match you up with a mentor!

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Please list below up to three college mentors you would want to work with. The first mentor you list should be the one you most want to work with, and so on. (*Note that we ask you to list more than one mentor in case the one you want most cannot mentor you at this time for whatever reason. If you can, please list more than one.)

Note that one of the suggested methods of communication is through the Private Messaging (PM) System. For some, using the PM system may be easier than talking to their mentor through other modes of communication. Upon being matched up with a mentor, you will receive a username and password for a Glove to Glove account on this website. You can use the PM system associated with your account to communicate with your mentor safely, easily, and directly on our website.

Please provide at least one method of communication below at which we can reach you when you have a match.