The Career Coach

The Career Coach



Each Career Coach mentor will be matched with a GHS student with similar career interests. Each student will request a mentor for a different reason, so the purpose of each mentor relationship is different. Ultimately the goal is to set

Time Commitment

Career Coaches can invest as much or as little time into their mentor relationship as they would like. At minimum, they are required to send a few e-mails or messages back and forth with their mentee, call their mentee a time or two, or meet them for dinner to talk.


The responsibilities of Career Coaches vary depending on the reasons students ask for a mentor. Here are some of the potential opportunities Career Coaches will have to help students:

  • Share the steps they took in high school and beyond to gain employment in their field, then helping their match to map their own steps
  • Discuss and set short-term and long-term educational and career goals with their match
  • Provide advice on what extracurricular activities to partake in, organizations to volunteer for, scholarships to apply for, and training programs/colleges to consider in order to help meet these goals
  • Answer their match’s questions about their career, and help them determine if their career is right for them

Sign Up

You can sign up to be a Career Coach by clicking here.