Career Chronicle

The Career Chronicle


The purpose of the Career Chronicle is to help GHS students:

a.) Realize that they are capable of future career success and achieving their dreams, despite life’s challenges

b.) Understand the specific steps it takes to obtain the career they desire

Time Commitment

Being a Career Chronicle is a one-time commitment. After you register you may choose to never be contacted again. All that you must do is send in a few paragraphs that tell your “Career Story”.

Career Story

A Career Story can be a roadmap that GHS students follow to obtain their own career success.

It can be a personal narrative that will inspire and motivate GHS students to of persevere and push beyond obstacles and doubt.

Or it can be both.

A good Career Story should address some or all of the following elements (if they are applicable to your experience):

  • Why you choose this career
  • How GHS, extracurriculars, and other jobs prepared you for your career
  • Challenges you faced in or outside of school
  • People that helped you along the way
  • Advice that helped/motivated you
  • Post-secondary education
  • Skills and traits necessary for your job and how you obtained them
  • Why your employer chose you over other candidates
  • Daily tasks of your job
  • Why your job is rewarding

Sign Up

You can send Glove to Glove you Career Story by clicking here. Once you submit your story, you will have the option of how you wish it will be shared with students.