Become a Career Chronicle

Become a Career Chronicle

Below is the form that must be filled out to become an alumnus/ community member Career Chronicle for the Glove to Glove program. This form will ask you to submit your “Career Story”.  A good Career Story should tell students the steps you took and the obstacles you overcame to obtain your career.

Once you submit this form, you can choose to never be contacted again by Glove to Glove. We thank you for your kindness and willingness to contribute to our program.

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In your story, you may want to address some of the following elements:

  • How you became interested in your career
  • When you became interested in this career
  • Why you choose this career
  • How GHS, extracurriculars, and other jobs prepared you for your career
  • People that helped you along the way
  • Advice that helped/motivated you
  • Post-secondary education
  • Skills and traits necessary for your job and how you obtained them
  • Why your employer chose you over other applicants
  • Daily tasks of your job
  • Why your job is rewarding

You may include pictures of yourself at work, in high school, in college, at some event related to your career, with a role model or mentor, etc.  Pictures are appealing and would help students relate to your story!

If you do not wish to ever be contacted again, you may skip the sections below and submit your form as is. If, however you would be willing to provide GHS students with some additional opportunities, continue reading.