Alumni Information

How would you like to help?


1.) Become a low-maintenance mentor to a GHS student:

Mentors, formally known as “Career Coaches”, are matched with GHS students interested in their particular professions. They then use their expertise to help set their match along the path towards career success.

2.) Write a few paragraphs about your career pathway:

“Career Chronicles” motivate and inspire GHS students by telling their unique “Career Story”—how they obtained their career despite life’s challenges. This is a one-time commitment, and does not involve ever communicating with students.

3.) Volunteer your way: 

There are many other ways to give back to and share your unique insight with GHS students through Glove to Glove. Allow a student to job shadow or intern with you, come into GHS and speak to students, submit a piece of career advice, and more. Tell us exactly how you want to help.